Smart Money Habits

“The habits of saving is itself an education it fosters every virtue, teaches self-denial, cultivates the sense of order, trains to forethought, and so broadens the mind” – TT Munger

Adeline Quarshie, MD of Credence Microcredit and Founder of WiFi & Tech Foundation, (an NGO focused on impacting the lives of girls and women in IT, Finance and Industrialization with strong emphasis on STEM education) in honouring the invitation of University of Ghana’s Women Commissioner to be the speaker for their 63rd SRC week celebration (women’s day) besieged her message on TT Munger’s quote to explain and educate the women on smart money habits.

In her presentation she introduced the tertiary students to the fact that in “Achieving financial success is not something that just happens. It comes from a series of small steps you take over a long period of time”.

She further explained how and stated that you achieve financial success when your passive income exceeds your expenses and this can be achieved either by starting a business, getting a job, investing, been frugal, setting financial goals and exercising patience for success etc.

Many of the students were thrived by the topic and showed keen interest in attaining financial independence hence they probed further to have understanding on the topic leading to many questions such as “how do I start a business without capital?” Is it advisable to start a business with loan?” etc.

The conversation went on and the conclusion was that success has many definitions but there is one thing that all great men and women agree on: SUCCESS COMES BY PERSEVERING DESPITE THE FAILURE.