WiFi and Tech Foundation is a non-governmental organization into women advocacy for STEM subjects, Health (Maternal et al), ICT and Education, Driving the SDGs, and ensuring women have a pivotal front in the development of the nation and themselves. It is the vision of Wifi and Tech Foundation “to create an environment in which women are able to reach their full potential.” This vision has driven the foundation to engage in different social intervention programs such as visiting of orphanage homes and sponsoring needy individuals. Due to the focus of the foundation, it organizes seminars for women who wishes to manifest their full potential.

In October 2021, at the conference hall of Menzvic Grand Hotel in Accra, East Legon, Wifi and Tech foundation organized its usual annual seminar that focuses on raising more women entrepreneurs called ‘Entrepreneurship Clinic’. This seminar was proudly sponsored by Vodafone Ghana Foundation, and supported by Credence Micro Credit – the leading micro credit in Ghana. This year’s theme was “decoding the wealth code, generational wealth creation for women.” Among the key speakers were Miss Adeline Quarshie, the Managing Director for Credence Micro Credit. Miss Quarshie spoke on the key theme – ‘decoding the wealth code, generational wealth creation for women’.

In her presentation, Miss Quarshie indicated the first code for creating wealth as being ‘spiritual consciousness’. She was unequivocal about the fact that people do not just rise in life. To every risen person in life, there is a spiritual secret. Flesh and blood have no ability to make wealth except for the divine strength of the spirit. She alluded to Deuteronomy 8:17-18; You might say in your heart, “The power and strength of my hands have made this wealth for me. But remember the LORD your God, for it is he who gives you the ability to produce wealth, and so confirms his covenant, which he swore to your ancestors, as it is today.” She said that hard work only pays when the strength of divinity is with you. She explained that the lack of this divine ability with men is what has caused so many fruitlessness among many people’s labor that later leads to frustration. She encouraged the participants to give attention to spirituality in all that they do.

Among other codes to wealth creation she mentioned was; building a ‘wealthy’ attitude. Attitudes such as; patience, consistency, emotional intelligence, strong mind, excellence, strong reputation and a host of others. For example, in speaking concerning ‘patience’, she said that “an impatient man is an unsecured man and such a one can never rise into success.” According to Miss Quarshie, everything under the sun is subjected to time. No matter how viable your business idea or practices may be, you will still have to be patient for it to go through the test of time. Time reveals all things and in order to enjoy time, you must cultivate the attitude of patience. She said that people do not just do business with people except for people they can trust; However, trust only comes in a process of time which will demand that you are patient enough. She spoke of the farmer out many and said that farmers are successful because they have perfect understanding of times and seasons. Farmers know when to sow and after they have sown, they are patient enough to wait for harvesting time no matter how eager they need money. If you want to make wealth, you must learn to be patient with yourself and what you do. To her, she believes that impatience has rendered many potential people who otherwise could have been successful rather unsuccessful.

She was keen on the code of “good working habit” otherwise known as ‘hard work’. People are paid for the services they render not their wishes. But more importantly, people do not just want to pay for services; how you render the service is also of importance. ‘Poor working attitude is equal poverty and great working attitude is equal great successes.

Miss Quarshie could not stress enough on the need to build a strong reputation. She said “you are only as strong as your name.” According to Miss Quarshie, a great reputation (name) can buy you things that money cannot buy. She was emphatic on the fact that people do not just buy products, people buy names. If your name is weak, you have no chance of succeeding. She encouraged participants to give all that they have in order to build a strong reputation and do everything possible in their power to protect their names. Your name is all that you’ve got, she ended.

The fascinating part was when she explained the misconception surrounding the matter of wealth. She corrected the misdirected opinion that wealth has to do with having more money and properties. To her, citing Genesis 24:1, she said that wealth has to do with being blessed in every facet of life. She said that you cannot be said to be wealthy and yet you have no good health, committed workers, sound mind, happy home, successful marital and family life, etc. She was clear that you must have all these in order to be called wealthy not just having tons of money which is just a fragment of the many things that constitutes wealth. You may be rich in money and still be poor in committed service men; you can’t say you are wealthy, she added.

In concluding, she encouraged the participants to believe in themselves when she said that “no matter where you are in life, there is a possibility of rising but people do not just rise.” You must know the rising code in order to decode to have access to wealth.

Miss Quarshie who is a strong Christian and has severally indicated her faith in Jesus Christ in many of her public speaking engagements and her in her articles on social media, Breakfast and Times Business newspaper, Ghana Web online news portal and others charged the participants to understand that every risen person in life, does not do normal things.

Miss Quarshie is a graduate of Accra Technical University, Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration. She has professional certificates from Yale University, Temple University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) all in the United States of America. She is the Managing Director of Credence Micro Credit. She is a highly sought-after public speaker on women’s financial empowerment as well as business related issues. She is banker with over a decade of banking experience. Her love for financial freedom especially for women has driven her to co-found Wifi and Tech Foundation where she doubles as a co-director.

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